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mistakes for dressing Komentarze (0)
27. sierpnia 2015 04:58:00

Time is one of the most precious things in this world. There are many words that women complain about the marks that the time have left on their face. We can not stop the time. It is the nature. But we can do something to make us look younger. It can be treated as one way to reverse the time. But when you are dressing the clothing sometimes you would make the mistakes. You aim is get look younger, but sometimes the dress would not make any sense or even worse.

Here some mistakes we make.

All black,

Black is one good color would make you look lean. And the color can make your legs look longer. But when you dress in the black from the top to the bottom. It would make you look like a dark shadow standing in the crowd. The black require increasing layered. Or the black color would swallow your body shape your face totally. 

Too colorful

The color can attract the attention. But when you are dressing more than three colors on your body. You would look like a clown. Too many colors would not make you look younger. Instead it would make you look hyperbolic. It is one kind over acting in dressing. We should avoid that.


When you are older than 30,  we think we should stop wearing the designs with the colorful cartoons. We can choose some design with the slogan or simple pictures. But the cartoon is a little too much. Can you imagine one old lady wearing the shirt printed with the spoonbob?

Here are just some small mistakes we made in our daily life. It is depend on the editor's personal taste. But it is working. Try to choose wisely. You would look so much better!

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warm color Komentarze (0)
26. sierpnia 2015 09:41:00

Color is one important part of fashion. People choose the clothing by the designs and also the colors. The long hot summer finally end. And the autumn is one cooler season with the soft wind. The leaves on the trees have turned to the yellow. It is one romantic season with the beautiful rhyme of the wind. And what color should we choose to fit in this wonderful season?

In the autumn the main color is in orange. It is a harvest season with the golden wheat and the sky is covered by the golden sunshine. The best scene of the autumn is before the dawn, the young girl show up half face under the goden sunshine. The shadow and the face get into a perfect balance. Yes, we should choose the orange for the main color for the autumn. The camel color is also one perfect color for the winter. After all, we should learn match these colors together into the best look. The orange and camel color is one good color for the wind jacket, especially the long wool designs. It create one kind warm sense with a better view.The orange also can be used on the leather shoes to match with the black dress in the autumn. But we may have to give up the orange in the deep autumn. The sun come out few hours in the deep autumn. And at that time we can only choose some color colder such as the black and the sand. These colors can make you look more into the light of the season.The orange is too warm for that season.

Choosing the color is one test to your eyes. Some people is not sensitive enough to the colors. And then the color would destroy their style. We need to make a right choice. But the choice is depend on our daily experience on fashion. Fashion require a long time experience. Learn every day and use it everyday. 

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back on bike Komentarze (0)
13. sierpnia 2015 09:34:00

The bicylcle have left a wonderful memory in the past. When we are theyoung kids we all own a little bicycle. And during 80s we ride the bicycle to the work place or the school. We even have forgotten how to ride a bike after several years on the car. The cars are used more and more often during our daily life. And the bike is put in the basement and covered with the dust. But why would we give up this fun since when we are a kid?

The bicycle have come out from the basement. Instead, it have become one fashion item in the new modern life style. Bicycle is one kind environment friendly way to go out. It is pure human's power and use the our legs to make the bicycle running.And it is also a very good sport to train the strength of the legs. Riding a long distance would also help train our heart and lung. And it is also a cultural signature of the old times. If you are trying one kind classical look. You would need one bicycle to play a classical role. Imagine one day you are riding the bicycle on the Champs-Elysees in Paris with a beautiful girl on the back seat. How wonderful would that be ? Bicycle now have been replaced by the cars using gas. But it still takes one important part in my heart. And it can make us get close to the nature and the wind. 

We would miss the bicycle. Sometimes when we are free maybe we can ride the bicycle to some beautiful places.

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rosie's dressing Komentarze (0)
20. maja 2015 16:58:00

On May 12th, Jason Statham's young girlfriend Rosie Huntington Whitely was saw wearing the Saint Laurent dress in New York. As a super model, the look make her amazing. 

" target="">rosie huntington whiteley

This is Saint Laurent latest peacock printing dress.The deep v collar design make the dress have a special sexy style. When she dressing it with one pair of black boots.The green color with the floral phoenix printing bring the special summer cooler style. And the black high top boots is the perfect pick for the dress. This is a good example for the street look. The price of the Saint Laurent dress is about  $600. Even though it is a high price. But the dress' material have the latest organza designs. And the silk is a high grade material. If you are looking forward a kind high quality experience for the clothing. It is a good choice.

The dress and the high top boots is always one perfect match look. However in our normal life we can not wear them both. High boots is for the cold winter. And the dress is for the hot summer. How can we dress them together and do not show the strange sense. Here we also have some suggestions. In the summer we can also choose the roma boots. The leather stripes design for the high top make the shoes breathable. But it also have create one high top style with the stripes around your leg. It is a good pick for the summer weather. It would keep you cool and also make you have the fashion look. 

Nowadays, the designs are not only for a good looking. We would also need to consider about the experience of the customers. Make the clothing comfort is one part of the clothing design. 

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step out Komentarze (0)
15. maja 2015 16:17:00

For 5 years I have thought of the plan for travelling. But it is just in my head. But I have never stepped out of this city. The city did not knock me in. It is the life lock me in here.

Have you have anything that you have planned but never done?

There are 30 days before I leave this city. But seems I have never gone to any other places. It looks like I have been busy with something. But I have not gain too much from my work. And there isn't much progress in my business.So how did I spend the time? Maybe I have done the wrong things. I can not focus on the job. I did not reach my aim for so many years. I believe there is something wrong with my life style. 

I should spend enough time on the job and then spend enough time on the holiday. If I am still living like that. I would not be happy forever. Life should be changed. I should be careful with every second I am using in the future.

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